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From 0 Challenge to 100% Passion-"Switching Gears" from Waste to Materials Management

......because with environmentally intelligent designed products and operations there are only ever MATERIALS to be managed...

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To RETHINK implies that we question and adapt our current ways of thinking and doing. It implies that we change our behaviour not only to minimise negative impacts, but also to bring about positive impacts.



The best thing we can do for resource efficiency is to use less. To REDUCE waste involves stopping waste and pollution before it starts, by using less in the first instance – whether it's paper, energy, packaging or any other resource.



There are many innovative ways in which products we use can have a second life and serve our community again through RE-USE.



To RECYCLE waste into new resources reduces the inputs (energy and raw materials), as it replaces or at least decreases the need to extract and use raw material for the production of new goods. It therefore also reduces the amount of waste for disposal.


Zero: The New Black

I think we have a language problem. Our biggest mistake in outlining the sustainability agenda was to focus it on future generations. It's not going to be the next generation that has the problem - it's going to be us.
Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute.



A new breed of innovator, determined to drive problems such as carbon, waste, toxics, and poverty to zero. John Elkington

Check out his website and get the book
The Zeronauts

The story of stuff

The story of stuff

I shop: therefore "I am". The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world

Check out the website and watch the movies. The story of stuff



Recycling is an aspirin just alleviating a large collective hangover of over consumption.

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